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Our Specialty


We specialize in breeding for purebred Maltese with short snouts, big eyes and between 4- 6lbs.. This look is called a teacup, babydoll face.  These adorable ones look like forever puppies no matter how old they are. We also do not breed with dogs that have an over or under bite which distorts their face (look) and causes  eating problems and loss of teeth later in life.


The way to ensure that puppies will have the desired traits is the dogs we beed with. We do not breed with any dog that don't have our desired traits as outlined above. Sometimes genetics comes into play and once in a while there is bound to be a puppy that doesn't exactly conform to our desires and for this reason we cannot guarantee any traits that may show up as the puppy grows.


Unless a breeder is specifically breeding for these traits, you may wind up with a type of dog that you do not want. You usually can't tell the size of a puppies snout until they are older. The same goes for how their teeth will come in.  If either the Mom or Dad have an underbite or an overbite the puppies most likely will have them. This is a major genetic defect. We do not allow such a defect in our breeding program. We are very selective! If in doubt, look at our sires and dams to see what traits your puppy will inherit.



Here are some pictures of small Maltese dogs with babydoll faces, big eyes and scissors teeth:



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Here are some pictures of Maltese dogs with long snouts (noses).  Some people don't care about the length of the snout but I do. I prefer the babydoll look. We do not breed any Maltese with a long snout.

download long

This is an image of scissors teeth that come together like scissors do. This is normal. Our dogs have this type of teeth.


















These are images of Maltese dogs with an overbite and an underbite. These are a major genetic defect. You most likely won't know if your puppy has either of them until their 2nd teeth come in unless you have checked the teeth of the Mom and Dad. These cause tooth loss and many more problems as your Maltese ages.




scissors overbite under underbite