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                                                 Our Maltese Angel Babies Policies

















All of our Maltese Angel Babies are our beloved pets and live in our home with my husband and I.  Maltese puppies are raised under our feet with much love, care and attention. They will learn basic social skills and be started on potty training to pads when you receive them.


Our Maltese Angel Baby sires and dams are selected and bred according to breed standards as set forth by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our babies are Certified Pet Registered (CPR).


Our pedigree's will contain Champions not because we have show dogs but because of our Champion high quality breeding standards. We strive to produce beautiful, lovable and healthy companions with each litter.


We are not brokers. The puppies we place are produced in our home by our females that have been bred by our male.


We do not sell to brokers, third parties or pet stores! We care about the well-being of our puppies and each one deserves a loving forever home.  


You are required to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving him/her and are responsible for maintaining his/her vaccinations, feeding a healthy diet, and administering proper care and housing for your new puppy.


Health Guarantee

We guarantee that your new puppy will be free of communicable disease and healthy as certified by a Liscenced Veterinarian when you receive him/her and will be free of life-threatening genetic conditions.  As conscientious as we are, sometimes genes can come together wrong. For that reason, we offer a 1 year health guarantee for life-threatening genetic conditions. Most will appear during the first year if present at all.


You will be given a contract when you put money down for a puppy that gives you a 1 year health guarantee concerning life threatening genetic conditions.


We care about your satisfaction with our puppies. The future health and safety of our puppies is also very important to us!


Vaccinations and Worming

The puppies will be age appropriately vaccinated and wormed at 6 weeks old by a Liscenced Veterinarian.  Your puppy will receive 1/2cc instead of 1cc of the 1st vaccine unless you request otherwise. They will come with a health record showing dates vaccinated and wormed that you can present to your veterinarian.


Vaccination schedules vary between veterinarians. Please follow the recommendations of your veterinarian for vaccinations after receiving your puppy.


Before you pick up your puppy you should have a visit to the vet scheduled. Ideally, take your pup to the vet before you even bring him/her home for the first time. The sooner the better for your peace of mind.  Your vet can give your puppy an initial examination and help you schedule your puppy’s shots. You may want to discuss with him/her the amount of vaccine they give to such a tiny puppy.



Approved parents will be invited to our home when their prospective puppy is 2 weeks old. You will meet the father and mother of the puppy. You will also be able to hold "your" puppy. Once you have decided to adoptt the puppy an non-refundable deposit is required, the amount varies with each litter.. The balance due must be paid and be in our hands before the puppy can be released at picked up.


Puppy Pick-Up

Puppies stay with the breeder until they are ready to go home. They are ready to go home when they are eating well on their own, steadily gaining weight, are totally weaned from their mother and are ready for the next step in their lives. This will usually vary from 7 - 8 weeks. You will be informed as your puppy grows of their actual pick-up date. To prevent incurring a boarding fee, plan to pick-up your puppy at 7 weeks.


Puppy Delivery

We do not ship puppies. All puppies must be picked up in person by the adpotive parent/s. We will not release a puppy to a third party.



We do not board dogs or puppies after pick-up. If for some reason you are unable to pick up your puppy when he or she is ready to go home, arrangements must be made for their ongoing care in advance. If we agree to keep the puppy it will be at the rate of $250/week or $36/day. Payment must be made in advance. Any abandoned puppy will be re-homed at the earliest opportunity for the well being of the puppy.  


What Is Considered An Abandoned Puppy?

A puppy is considered abandoned if any or all of the following occur at pick-up time:

unable to reach parents (wrong phone number, etc...)

there has been no communication between parent and breeder

we are unable to reach the parents after repeated phone calls (we do not text)

repeated phone calls have not been returned

no show on pick-up day by the parnet/s.  


Any abandoned puppy will be re-homed at the earliest opportunity for the well being of the puppy.



Your puppy will have a good start on house-training when you receive him/her. They will not be fully trained but will have learned the basics. They will be comfortable with the "piddle pad.  Do not allow your puppy outside or around other dogs until they are fully vacinated.


Breeder Availability

After you take your puppy home, we are always available to you as a resource. We are only a phone call or e-mail away and are here to help.