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Being a small home hobby breeder we take great pride in the personalized quality services that we provide to our precious Maltese parents, puppies and their adoptive parents. Below, we list the services we offer along with a brief description.















Artificial Insemination - each litter is carefully produced via artificial insemination. Parents are selected to improve the Maltese breed and to maintain our unique Maltese Angel Babies line.  Nothing is left to chance! Since we hand create each Angel Baby, it adds to the responsibility we bear for their future.












We meet nutritional needs - we love, respect and appreciate our Maltese mothers & fathers who create, carry and give birth to each precious Angel Baby. They are fed very high nutrition to meet their demanding roles of either pregnancy, nursing or recovering. The health and well being of the parents is paramount to healthy and happy puppies.













Hands on birth /support for new Maltese Moms & puppies -  It kinda looks like a hospital here during a delivery. We have everything possibly needed for any situation that may come up (and does). We feel it's better to be prepared. Only the best for our Angel Babies. Did you know that we only have around 15 Angel Babies a  year?















ID Bands for each puppy - each Angel Baby is identified at birth with an ID band that stays on it till you pick up your baby.











Dew claws removed at 3 days old - each Angel Baby has its dew claws removed in a sterile environment (my nursing experience comes in handy here) when it's 3 days old. The dew claw is a small digit with a nail on the side of a grown dogs leg. They get caught in things, can be torn off, and the nail is hard to cut. This is a routine procedure done by some breeders.













Daily weights - It is very important to monitor the weight of each puppy. We do so daily. Any weight loss can be dealt with quickly. Usually all that is needed is a few  additional one-on-one feedings with Mom.






















Continual hands on care of Mom & puppies throughout - The days of dogs delivering puppies and caring for them on their own are for the most part over due to the high degree of domestication of small breeds especially. Moms need  ongoing emotional and nutritional support. She may develop serious medical conditions that must be cared for such as eclampsia, mastitis, infection, dehydration, exhaustion, etc.... The puppies can also develop issues that need immediate intervention such as failure to thrive, refusal to eat, rejection by Mom, infection, bloating and many other things.

















Puppies & Mom are in my office for close observation/care/intervention - it's for the reasons above that I keep the litter along with Mom in my office, right next to me so that I can keep a close eye on them. I feel to do otherwise would be delinquent.


















Adoptive parents are invited to my home to meet both parents and to hold their little one at 2 weeks old - I feel it's very important for adoptive parents and puppies to begin bonding as soon as possible. For this reason, I invite approved parents to my home to meet the Maltese parents of their puppy, see their teeth, interact with them, see our facilities, meet us and hold their precious newborn Angel Baby!





















Puppies raised in a pristine, calm environment - your new puppy's behavior, personality, temperment and tolerance to its surroundings and people is formed at the breeders. So, whatever it was exposed to, you will live with the effects of for the life of your Maltese. I am aware of that and ensure that all of my babies are surrounded with calm, classical music, assurance and input that builds confidence. You will not find a crying, frantic, fidgety, barking, nervous, upset puppy here! Everything here is done to create healthy, happy, contented puppies!


















Also, Angel Babies are perfectly clean all the time! They don't know what it is to be wet or soiled. Their bed is changed daily and peepee pads are changed when soiled. Puppies that learn to exist in their own mess will do so at your home too. Angel Babies avoid their waste at all cost!




















Age-appropriate developmental toys provided - puppies need to play! They need toys to play with, but they must also be safe and age appropriate. It's part of their learning experience that makes them such wonderful puppies when you take them home.  My puppies know how and when to play.






















Minimal to no tear stains or discoloring on parents or puppies - Angel Babies are pristine white. Sometimes they will have a small amount of tearing due to teething.  I groom them often to keep that to a minimum.





















Puppies with Mom to nurse 24/7 x 5 weeks - many breeders allow their Moms to free feed their puppies.  That means that she feeds them when she wants to.  In my experience, that creates crying, frantic puppies that don't know if or when their next meal will come.  Here, the Mom's are with their puppies 24/7 for the first 5 weeks (till they start teething and Mom says no more).  This creates very calm, happy, secure puppies that are well fed and chubby!



















Weaned to food two weeks before you pick puppy up - I hand wean each puppy.  Each one has their own tastes so they each may need to be on a different food, initially.  This process is very time intensive which is why many breeders skip it, leaving you with a puppy that refuses to eat! Here, your puppy will be eating when you take him or her home.
















Pictures throughout with private access to your puppy’s photo album - As I have stated, I feel it is very important that you start bonding with your Angel Baby as early as possible. I create a photo album for puppy online on OneDrive and give you access to it at the two week point. There will already be pictures and possibly videos from birth to that day in your album.  You'll have over 100 pictures by the time you take him or her home documenting its development.















Photo ops for your memories - beside developmental pictures, I take staged pictures of your puppy to remember this very special time in their lives fondly!
















Communication with parents of puppies including tutoring, advice, help - for those who want info, advice or just to talk about your baby, I am usually available during business hours. Call me, I love to chat! I am here for you after you pick up your puppy, too!




















Puppy groomed at least twice - to stay clean, it's important to keep specific areas trimmed such as around their bottom, eyes, pee pee area, pads of feet and clipping nails.  I do this about every two weeks to each puppy.  They are already used to the grooming process when you get him home which is very important!



Disneyland environment for last 2 weeks - Angel Baby Disneyland is a very special environment that fills all of their needs. You can learn more about it here. A puppy obtained elsewhere will not appreciate it since they need to be exposed to it and taught how to use it from an early age, as they are here. You and they will LOVE it.  See the comments at the bottom of the page of the link above. It's at this time that the puppies are socialized with their littermates and sporatic contact with our other Maltese.


Pee pee pad trained - all of my Angel Babies are pee pee pad trained at an early age.  By the time you take your puppy home he will usually go potty on command anywhere when his feet hit the pad. That includes if it's on your lap.






















Vet check, worming and shots - at six weeks old, all Angel Babies go to the vet and have their 1st check-up, shots and whatever else the vet recommends. You will be given a copy of the documentation he provides to take to your own vet.  We also take pictures of your baby being examined and put it in your album.


Access to breeder tips blog to help you with many topics - I write a blog with information that my parents need and want.  You can view it here.


Sent home with many things & food for the 1st week of puppy care - by this time, you should be comfortable taking your Angel Baby home. I will send you home with a bag of all kinds of things including the food he is currently eating.  I also send home a blanket in a sealed plastic bag with the scent of Mom and siblings.  This helps puppy adjust quickly.



















Puppies registered - you will be given your Angel Babies papers to register him with Certified Pet Registration. By registering your Angel Baby you will have access to his or her ancestory.


A joyful experience in every way throughout! - everything about adopting an Angel Baby is filled with joy.  What's better than getting a beautiful Angel Baby to love and cherish?






















To Your Joy!


            See what some parents have to say about their experience. Press to enlarge







































To get started on the path of adopting your own Angel Baby fill out the form below.


**Please be sure to include your phone number. I do not text! **


I will contact you by phone shortly when I receive this form.

































































There may be additional charges for unusual circumstances that you will know in advance.

The price of your Angel Baby is set at the time of your adoption.

The price for a male vs female puppy is the same.



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