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How To Adopt An Angel Baby

The following will walk you through how to adopt a puppy with Maltese Angel Babies.













1. Decide to adopt - this might sound like an obvious step but it involves making a conscious commitment to love, cherish and care for your new Angel Baby for the rest of its life. Make sure everyone in the household is on board with this decision.













2. Become an approved parent in waiting - to get approved, the first step is to call and talk to Sally.  This is an initial friendly conversation where you get to know each other.  After that, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return.  You will be asked to visit some links to read over some information of importance on Tips From The Breeder Blog. This will be of great help to you.




















3. Once approved we highly reccommend that you start making preparations for your future Angel Baby.  These will be discussed with you at the time. You probably will need to wait a few months (but maybe not) for an available puppy.


Once your Angel Baby is born, you will be notified. Parents are usually selected before the birth based on information obtained in previous discussions with Sally.
















2 weeks after their birth, you will be able to come to our home where you will meet the parents, interact with them, see their teeth etc...  You will then be able to hold your Angel Baby while wrapped in a blanket (you can't touch him as he has very low immunity).












If at this point you want your Angel Baby, you will be asked to put down a deposit. We provide you with a contract along with a 1 year health guarantee at that time and now it's your Angel Baby!.


What to expect after you put money down for a puppy with us?


A joyful experience!

Frequent communication

Lots of professional style pictures in your own album

Information and tips for caring for your new puppy

Ongoing access to Sally for anything I can help you with

Age appropriate socialization

Individualized hands on care for each puppy

Training & step by step tutorials on all aspects of puppy care

Removal of dew claws


Potty training


Training to be happy & self sooth

1st Veterinary visit

1st Shot

1st Worming

1st Week of food

Paperwork from our Vet for your Vet

Peepee pads

Chew toys

Registration papers

Blanket that littermates and Mom slept on to take home

Bag of goodies to take home with you

A picture of you with your new puppy


I will care for it as if it were mine. From now till you pick up your Angel Baby at around 7 weeks old, I will do the things listed above and so much more.












About a week before you are scheduled to pick up your puppy, make sure that you pay the balance due. It has to clear our bank before pick-up day.  We cannot release an Angel Baby without good funds. If unclear about this step or you have questions, please ask to speak to my husband, Steve.


Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions.






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